35% of All U.S. Dollars in Existence Have Been Printed in the Last 10 Months

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October 10, 2022 Updated

Since this post was published at the end of December 2020, we’ve reviewed the rising inflation numbers, and created the follow up post 80% Of US Dollars Were Printed in the Last 2 Years: How Do We Know, and What Does It Mean?. Although the M2 data has been revised to include additional datapoints, it still shows a worrying trend of inflation increasing.

December 16, 2020

According to a graph from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, just over 35% of all the American dollars ever printed by the U.S. government has been printed over the last 10 months. The area highlighted in yellow on the graph shows a parabolic move in the printing of money that has occurred this year that every technical trader in the world of cryptocurrency can only dream about. read more about the federal reserve and their opinion on monetary policy. 

It’s one thing to see this kind of a move when you’re talking about a nascent technology like cryptocurrency, but seeing it with the world’s default reserve currency is alarming. At least one U.S. Senator agrees that Bitcoin needs to be part of the solution. If this trend continues, we’ll all have to start dry fasting to save our fiat.

Is Bitcoin About to Save the American Economy?

U.S. Senator-Elect Cynthia Lummis is saying she plans on teaching Congress about how to reduce America’s national debt using bitcoin when she officially assumes her role in 2021. Lummis recently made the comments on a podcast called What Bitcoin Did She went on to say that Bitcoin is a better store of value than paper money because of Bitcoin’s finite supply.

Lummis calls herself ‘a HODLer’, and if you consider what’s happening right now with more stimulus money likely to be handed out to Americans in the new year, it’s likely that she is doing so for a very good reason.

How the Pandemic Is Accelerating Bitcoin Adoption Faster Than Everyone Anticipated

It seems we’re getting to a point here at Netcoins where we’re discussing a new wave of institutional investment coming into the Bitcoin market almost every week. This week the institutional investment is coming from a firm in the United Kingdom called Ruffer Investment. A representative from the firm suggests that the company now keeps 2.5% of its assets in the cryptocurrency.

In other news, President Donald Trump is saying he will consider granting clemency to Ross Ulbricht, the imprisoned founder of Silk Road, a Bitcoin-friendly black market website used to trade all kinds of illegal goods on a large scale.

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It’s clear that while we’re all living in a world searching for answers to humanity’s most pressing economic issues, the solution is likely right under our noses. It already has been for more than 10 years.

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Written by: Jack Choros

Writer, content marketing at Netcoins.